Ray Adams (1931 - 2003)
His real name was Ragnar Asbjørnsen, Per Gunnar Jensen, producer and record label owner,
discovered the young singer’s potential. In 1961 he took him to London and recorded Hear My Song Violetta with the best arranger and musicians. He also changed his stage name to Ray Adams.
The rest is pop history. The single sold over ½ million copies on the British and Scandinavian markets. This kicked off a long and brilliant career with a string of hits throughout Scandinavia. !
Along with Anna Lena Löfgren he came to Oslo’s Rainbow Studio in 1985. With producer Nick Borgen they recorded the Skattkisten (Treasuer Chest) album at the request of NORSK UKEBLAD’s many readers.
Ray Adams died in 2003, but has left deep traces in Nordic hit and entertainment music.

The Treasure Chest with chosen great classics
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