The Music Professor


born 1932 at Røros

has since 1990 been Professor of folk music by Academy of Music in Oslo.

The almost legendary
started in 1969 and consisted of
Sven Nyhus (violin / fiddle),
accordeonist Tore Løvgreen, 
Haakon Nilsen (bass) and Jan Erik Kongshaug (guitar).

On the album BERGROSA extended Sven the quintet, with Arne Moslåtten (Hellbillies) on the recorder

All albums on this site are available for downlad and streaming.

Sven Nyhus is known as an outstanding musicians, not least from a myriad of radio and television programs. He was born on Glåmos Røros, as the oldest son in a very musical family. His father, Peder Nyhus, 1905-1994, was a prominent fiddler and traditioncarrier of the old Røros music. As  nine-year-old received Sven his first fiddle, and at age 18 he could the whole repertoire to his father, above 200 tunes.

The author Johan Falkberget was one of those who took an interest for the talented young fiddler, and encouraged him to develop his musical abilitie. Sven Nyhus traveled to Oslo, where he graduated as orchestral musician at the Music Conservatory in 1956. Then he was principal viola of orchestration of the National Opera Orchestra and Broadcast orchestra. From 1961-1971 he was employed by Philharmonic Society Orchestra.

But in 1971 he was enticed back to folk music. Hardingfele work was in progress, and Sven Nyhus was engaged with transcription of traditional tunes and music. In 1978 he became head of the Department of Folk Music at NRK.
From 1990 he was professor of folk music at the Academy.

TWEB 2021 Solo fiddle and hardingfiddle
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