The legendary TeddyBears of Norway

The TeddyBears with new album and CD releases of thevinyl albums

Join the time machine back to the 50's - rock the cradle! AMCAR, Bryl, Grease and Fender. Teddy Bears are faithful. "We've talked to the guys that really was in the saddle, even though we were completely at the outer edge. But my dad had all the right records" says Martin Kopperud. Together with Jan Holberg and Øyvind Mora, he makes up The Teddy Bears.
The Teddy Bears' guitarist Jan Holberg and drummer Martin Kopperud are both veterans of Norwegian pop. They debuted with their own bands, but started playing together in 1978. With  bass player Øystein Mora, they formed  The Teddy Bears in 1980. The repertoire was Oldies with much singing and harmonies. They gained popularity at festivals, restaurants and even the Oslo Concert Hall, without having released a single disc.
In 1982 they began to work on their music writing Norwegian lyrics. All three were very intrigued by the old American cars from the fifties, and of this era in general. Jan and Martin also had the old memories, experiences and impressions from his boyhood in the fifties, and had seen both "Doris" and "Harry", "Lorang and the other".
The three teddy bears decided through words and music to devote themselves to this particular period, when the American youth culture created rock and roll and influenced the rest of the world. Their first single however, was a ballad - Summer of 55 - released on the Talent label, went straight to number one on the Norwegian top radio chart in 1982. In January 1983 came the first LP just called "The Teddy Bears" on Big Hand Records, produced by Ola Johansen and Ottar Big Hand Johansen. The album contained catchy rhytms, hummable melodies and funny lyrics, and was immediatley a hit among rockers and swingers. They toured all over the country and did even "warm up" for Shakin 'Stevens in Ekeberghallen in Oslo in front of a 6000 crowd.
In 1984, came their second LP, The Snackbar on the corner. It describes the environment in the new youth gathering in the 50s, with respatex tables, jukebox in the corner and the nice lady behind the counter, who looked like Connie Francis. The three teddy bears had now bought each major fifty American car. Øystein and Martin ended up with two rare Mercury, and Jan had fallen for a beautiful 1953 Pontiac. He wrote a song about this car, and it's on their third LP 2 Greasy stripes, which was released in 1987.
The Teddy Bears had traveled a lot these years and experienced many strenuous winter tours, with snowstorms in Finnmark, icecold nights at Svalbard and narrow western roads. They also played some in Sweden and Denmark. Then the bears went for a long wintersleep…
Many years went by before the next release, the compilation Around Norway with 2 brand new tracks, in 1996. In 2004 3CD box Eternal Rock'n'Roller summed up the three original albums in one package.
For many years, The Teddy Bears have been working on new material, and in 2013 they presented this in the form of a brand new album on the Tylden label. They entered the VG-lista Top 20 album chart (no 7).

Then the band has been around for 33 years! Original lineup is still intact, they're on the rad again whilst their original sound with strong multiple vocals, is preserved, and the fans appreciate. Their old vinyl releases have long been collector's items, and they have a large and growing crowd fans streaming and downloading -
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