Wenche Foss - the Legend

Our great diva Wenche Foss (December 5, 1917 - 28 March 28, 2011)
was born in Christiania. She made her stage debut at the age of 17 and also starred in a number of movies. In addition to her long and successful career as an actress, she was also known for her activism in various fields, and for speaking out on behalf of the less fortunate. She did much to remove the stigma of the mentally handicapped, after she gave birth to a son with Down’s Syndrome in 1953. The boy died at age 4.
Foss also was engaged in removing the taboos around cancer, after she publicly announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She also campaigned for the rights of homosexuals.
As an actress Foss had a wide range, including comedy and top musicals on the big screen, as well as reading the famous classical folk tales.
Upon receiving the news of her death, the Norwegian government immediately decided that all costs of her funeral should be paid by the state, an honor bestowed upon very few Norwegians. Her son is today the Mayor of Oslo.

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