A multitalented entertainer

Arve Opsahl was born 14 May 1921 while it was still called Christiania, and died 29 april 2007 (85 years).
He was a very versatile performer. Nobody could he play DRUNK man like him from the cabaret scene. So convincing was he that, that - to his chagrin - was never offered a glass of beer, because everyone thought he was dry!

Deep tracks in the current public awareness, he put as Egon Olsen in a long line Olsenbanden movies. It became more than 40 film productions including Operation Løvsprett (1962), Hooray for Andersen (1966) and the revue film Dear little Norway (1973). 

After that it was the TV series and he remembered well as Henry in the  sitcom Mot i Brøstet (Guts).

Arve Opsahl began his theater career as chocolate boy at Chat Noir in 1938, while he aimed an accountant education. The leap to the stage was not so great, and he made ​​his debut as an actor in 1942, with Scala Revue, later in Edderkoppen and Chat Noir for years until he was hired in 1967 at Oslo Nye Teater.

By 1946, he settled himself as gramophone artist with his debut single "A boat with bananas" and "Swing Fever". Beyond the 40 - and 50's it became a number of record hits, mostly on the Musica label.

Arve Opsahl also made great success in Sweden, both on television and stage, and many remember The girls in Lisbon from 63

He married his beloved Mary in both 1945 and 1954. In between he was married to actress Liv Wilse (b. Ingebrigtsen).

Arve Opsahl loved the sea and boating. When he sings in 15 salty sailor songs, he is in his right element!

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