Anne Grete Preus (born 22 May 1957) was a leading member of legendary rock group Veslefrikk from 1978. After 2 albums for RCA, they recorded Kameleon for Talent in 1981. Members were Anne Grete Preus (vocal, guitar), Hege Rimestad (fiddle),  Frank B. Olsen (drums), Hilde Johannessen (el.guitar),  Jarle Børresen (keyboard) a nd Per Vestaby (bass).  
They filled their concerts with energy and enthusiastic crowds.
(Photo: Bo Mathiesen, 1981)

Also in Denmark they did well playing the Roskilde Festival twice.
In 1982 they spilt up.  Anne Grete and Per Vestaby went separate ways, at first together in their new band Cancan. Later they both made large footprints in Norwegian rock history on their own.

Kameleon, from 1981

Live from the Roskilde festival in 1982
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