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Aina Fredriksen is Personal Trainer and Instructor in TRX at Sportsclub Sarpsborg

Many have been missing the  music of Aina of Sarpsborg. Now her album FLYING comes in remastered and upgraded version. Just dance or step to the music, enjoy it while you getting into better and better shape!
From 2000 to 2013 she worked as a prison officer at Bredtveit, Ravneberget, Halden, Kongsvinger, Fredrikstad, Bergen and Moss prisons. Besides looking after the prisoners, she had a variety of other tasks in personnel training, physical training and interpreter in German and English.
Her first musical training she received through organ lessons from 4-5 years of age. Later, pop and rock music took over for Bach, and she started her first "band " with a girlfriend 10 years of age. With drums, vocals and clarinet the young duo made ​​a great success at a school party with some familiar and some original songs . Aina also played drums in the school band and learned sheet music.
15 years old, she became No. 2 among 30 in a talent contest in Fredrikstad. This prompted that she started rock band NIGHT VISION, which stayed together for four years .
By the age of 17, she specialized in aerobics. She took as an instructor in "step " when she was 19, has since taken a number of courses and exams that enable her to also train other instructors.
She was discovered by artist Stein Ingebrigtsen who tipped his old colleagues in Talent.as. Trond Nagell - Dahl and Arve Sigvaldsen produced the recordings, and all songs were written especially for Aina by Scandinavian  songwriters.
Aina’s  music is full of punch and life - and excellent for those who want to get in even better shape. You can visit the Aina on Facebook.

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