The Norwegian oboe player Brynjar Hoff (b. 1940) comes from a known musician's family. He started playing the oboe in 1950. At the age of 15 he was employed as principal oboist in Trondheim Symphony Orchestra.

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Oboe, Brynjar Hoff
On this album OBOE he plays contemporary Norwegian music, accompanied by Harald Herresthal on cembalo or Robert Levin on Grand piano.

Music and Musician, London :

Norwegian virtuoso
"If there is a more flawless oboist than

Brynjar Hoff, I should like to know his name.

I can think of no other performer who

can cap his range of expression and fluency."

Richard Baker, OBE, RD - BBC
"Brynjar Hoff is in my opinion one of the world's

most accomplished and interesting oboe players.

His repertoire is extraordinarily wide and include adventurous forays into contemporary music,

while his style of playing is both aristocratic

and extremely expressive."



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