The one who sees his “Vardøger”
is not without equal.
He must like many others
travel into the Land of Death

With these grim words start Eddy Zoltan's album Spelemannen (The Fiddler). The recording was made in 1974 and the album aroused justified attention. The influence from bands like Procol Harum, Traffic and early Jethro Tull and their own unique style, combined with lyrics based on Norwegian folklore and daily life made the album an instant classic.

The leader Eddy Zoltan Kiss came to Norway from Budapest, with music education from Germany and Austria. The other members were all Norwegians. The Fiddler was portrayed by Telemark painter Hersleb Rønnegård

, from left:

  • Øyvind Engen - bass, vocal
  • Eddy Zoltan Kiss - piano, organ, keyboard
  • Henning Westeng - drums
  • Manne Kjøs - guitar, bass, vocal
  • Olle Johnny Lande - flute, bass, vocal
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