Helge & Rune and The Stringers

Rune Larsen was born right into the pop and rock-era in Bergen and got Elvis and the Beatles with mother's milk. First warning to the outside world came in 1964 where he debuted in television NRK "Popcorn". Philips record company signed him and released his debut single "Cinderella" with Rune and The Teen Beats.

Later "Berget Beat" was a term, and recording chief Rolv Wesenlund came to town. Rune had found the right tones with Helge Nilsen and "The Stringers". In 1966 came the breakthrough with "Per Spellemann" in rock version, 25,000 sold and Silver Record award! Helge & Rune and The Stringers took Bergen and the rest of the country by storm.

In 1968 Rune Larsen found Christianity and started working with Gospel music, also on TV for many years. Helge Nilsen also left the music scene for a proffesional career as socker player in the local team BRANN. However a serious injury put an end to his second greatest passion. Instead, he formed one of Norway's most prestigious dance band, Helge Nilsen Orchestra. They scored with several hit records. 
After working on their own projects in the 70s, they found together again in 1981. The result was the album "Sweetmints," a tribute to 50s pop. Backing band Saft is reinforced by violins and horns and Trygve Thue as producer.

Now you can also enjoy this great music of the “Sweetmints” album, digitized and remastered in 2015 from the original studio tapes from prestigious Bergen Lydstudio.

Helge & Rune and The Stringers with Saft, horns and stringsike
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