When Mimix hit the market in 1989 with their California Blue - album, they set a new standard for how Norwegian dance band could sound like. The Vestfold based band was quickly ranked among Scandinavia's best, also in Sweden, where they had many tours with Vikingarna and on their own as well as several TV appearances.

Mimix also released a Video with 20 favorite songs, among them Vandringsmenn synger (Wanderers sing).
The success was partly the joy of playing, partly in unity and loyalty for many years. Stage debut actually found the place 17 May 1972.
Mimix made 3 great albums for the Crema label: 

Mimix were
Arvid Numme (vocal),
Roger Askjem (vocal, keyboards, accordeon),
Jon Teyler (guitar, steel),
Alfred Håkonsen (vocal, sax),
Bjørn Johannessen (bass)
Marvin Hermansen (leader, and drums)

Mimix Top 20

Mimix complete - 3cd box
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