BIG HAND is a beacon in Norwegian Country Music. At the age of 19 he left the northern town of Bodö to go for a musical career.
In the mid 70’s he broke through with his band Country Snakes, first in a TV-serie on national TV, then as a main artist in the legendary album serie COUNTRY FEST. Later he had his own TV-specials "Hillbilly Highway". He has appeared on Wembley, Fan Fair Nashville, Bluebird Café, Gilley's Texas, Scandinavium, Momarken and many other places in and out of Norway, and played with artists like
Waylon, Willie, Johnny Cash, Don Williams, George Jones, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Hiatt, Joe Sun, K. D. Lang og to mention some.
The album from 1978 Hverdagshelter (Everyday Heroes) is all sung in Norwegian but he has picked songs from Eagles and Beatles, besides his own – and other original songs.

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Discography on Talent and Big Hand labels:

Prefix Titel Artist Year
TWEB 3041 Hverdagshelter Ottar Big Hand  1978
TWEB 4052 Good Ol' Boys Big Hand CountryTeam 1981
BHW 14001 Rett fra hjertet feat.; Lillian Askeland 1982
BHW 13003 Country Saloon Various artists 1983
2710-2 Mitt liv er country music Big Hand compilation 2001
TWEB 2011 Vill vest - country fest Various artists 1975
TWEB 3016 Countryfest 1 Various artists 1976
TWEB 3031 Countryfest 2 Various artists 1977
TWEB 3046 Countryfest 3 Various artists 1978
TWEB 3057 Countryfest 4 Various artists 1978
TWEB 3060 Countryfest 5 Various artists 1979
TWEB 4042 Countryfest 6 Various artists 1980
TWEB 3072 Countryfest 7 Various artists 1981
Ottar Big Hand is celebrating his 50th Anniversary as artist, with a brand new album 50 YEARS ON THE ROAD and some great videos

Countryfest 1 sold 130.000. Big Hand played a main role in the millionselling serie
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