Per Johan Skjærstad died Wednesday, August 20, 2014, only 63 years old. Many called him our time’s "Asbjørnsen & Moe". With 188 weeks on the official list FREM FRA GLEMSELEN (Out Of The Shadows) became the most popular record albumseries of all time with total sales of close to 2 million copies of the 21 editions.

Per Johan Skjærstad was the inventor of the concept. He collected old songs and prepared historical facts and logistics. After resultless paths to the major record labels, he came to Arve Sigvaldsen at the new Norwegian record label Talent.
In 2014 it is 40 years since the first album came out. The Hedmark artists Rita Engebretsen and Helge Borglund sang them right into the Norwegian hearts, and our most skilled musicians contributed to the recordings.
Per Johan Skjærstad has also published several books, and until recently he traveled and lectured on the old songs. FREM FRA GLEMSELEN prove that from the past we can learn much about the future. We can thank Per Johan Skjærstad that we have access to this musical treasure.

Jubileum album from 2014 - 42 songs
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