Dear CMT
(Morten Wang)

Well we’ve been playing country music for the past ten years
We’ve had some really good times and a whole lot of beers
Doin’ Dwight and Reba, and Chris Le Doux
But there’s this one little thing that we’re askin’ from you

We wanna be on T.V. for all the world to see
We’d like a fan club, too, that’s why we’re callin’ on you
We wanna move to Nashville A.S.A.P.
And we really wanna be on C M T

Say we made a video out on some plain
And I could be as sexy as Shania Twain
The guys could drive Harleys or a big black truck
And try to pick me up but without any luck


So what do you think then mister C E O
’bout a heavy rotation on our video
Together we could sell like a millon CD’s
just could you send us some money for the plane tickets, please


Innspilt av BULLSEYE

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